TRACKING: Daughn Gibson - Reach Into The Fire

SOUNDS LIKE: James Blake, Johnny Cash
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This electro-crooner signs a record deal and releases his best song yet!

With the announcement of his signing to indie stalwart Sub Pop, Central Pennsylvania truck driver Daughn Gibson dropped upon the word a catchy new number last week. “Fire” doesn’t stray much from the strengths that solidified his debut album All Hell, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  What is new is building a track based on samples of some of his new label mates like female folkster Tiny Vipers and hip hopper Shabazz Palaces.  
As the song fades in at its start, the samples in question come together to form a solid backdrop to Gibson’s baritone.  But what is this fire he’s reaching into? Is it his star on the rise? With this signing and dates supporting Yeasayer this summer, if you don’t know who Gibson is yet I think the world is about to.  Sub Pop will release his next album in 2013.