Divine Fits - "Chained To Love"

SOUNDS LIKE:  Spoon Parade.  Wolfspoon.  Wilco soundtracking an 80s movie starring Bradley Cooper as a hot-shot stock broker who gets in over his head while visiting his wayward younger brother, played by Jack Black, in Los Angeles.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE:In your heart of hearts, you still love great pop music.

Thank you, Divine Fits!

This song is an excellent blast of pop music but it didn’t belong on your stellar 2012 release, A Thing Called Divine Fits, so you didn’t shoehorn it in.  Thank you!

This song has a driving intro and a great poppy, synthy chorus, but you distilled the first verse to drums and vocals and built it back up for maximum impact.  Thank you!

This song finds the sweet spot between the divergent voices of Dan Boeckner and Britt Daniel, but you don’t overdo it because good pop music is about more than just finding the sweet spot.  Thank you!

This song (and it’s excellent B-side, “Ain’t That the Way”) would’ve been a great addition to the Record Store Day release schedule, but Record Store Day 2014 is so far away and you’re not making us wait.  Thank you!

This song is one of thirteen or so that you’ve got in your back pocket, just waiting for next summer when you’re going to make a full court press for album of the year and you’re teeing it up now because proper preparation predicts positive, powerful performance.  Thank you!

Thank you, Divine Fits!