Drowners - “Luv Hold Me Down"

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Track: "Luv, Hold Me Down"
Album: Name


SOUNDS LIKE: Elements of the late 80s “indie pop” – as if the Lemonheads paused in the garage of the Smiths for a little jamming   

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The collision of jangle with slightly mournful lyrics celebrates life’s vagaries in an irresistible nugget  

Catchy, hooky and jangly, Drowners’ “Luv Hold me Down” might not be breaking new ground, but the fun sound and exuberant energy makes it a worthy contributor to its genre, and reflective of the band’s overall sound. Loosely described as “garage-y” Drowners are from New York, though lead singer hails from Wales, and his outsider’s perspective informs the songwriting.

“Luv Hold me Down,” is the lead single off the Drowners’ first full LP, Name. Catch them at DC9 Thursday February 6.