TRACKING: Ducktails - "The Flower Lane"

SOUNDS LIKE: Real Estate, Prefab Sprout, Beck
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This Real Estate side project is cleaning up its sound for its 2013 album

Man those Real Estate guys like to stay busy. They've spent the last year touring non-stop, playing all over the world and have been in the DC area almost every other month it seems.  On their last run through the states this summer, they debuted a brand new 10 MINUTE JAM. Bassist Alex Bleeker is getting ready to hit the road with his side project Alex & The Freaks, and now comes word of a brand new album from Matt Mondanile's Ducktails project.

The upcoming album, The Flower Lane, finds Mondanile stepping out of the bedroom and into a real studio. And he's no longer alone in his late night dwellings, as his friends from Big Troubles and Cults, even his Real Estate mates pop up on the album.  From the sounds of the title track, this album goes logically with his full-time band's jump in a hi-fi direction: silky guitars, keyboards that sounds like Billy Preston's in the room, all setting a mood that isn't far off from Beck's Sea Change.  With a sound that yearns for crisp leaves to fall from the trees, this will be a perfect choice for your autumn mix tape.