TRACKING: Eels - "New Alphabet"

SOUNDS LIKE: E & the boys will be bringing the rock in 2013
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: "Alphabet" spells out what could be a promising new Eels album

Wouldn't life be grand if you could create your own set of letters, numbers or phrases to spell out what you're trying to say?  Well that is what E is getting at in "New Alphabet", the second single from the upcoming Eels album Wonderful, Glorious. A gritty rumble of a number that should disappoint no known Eels fan, "Alphabet" gives reason for Eels fans around the world to get really excited about what should be a promising new album from them this year.

Brooding verses consutructed around E's signature deep vocal lead to Ennio Moricone inspired guitar licks.  And those cinematic moments lead to an explosive chorus, E screaming "when the world stops making sense / I'll make a new alphabet".  Like our first taste of Glorious, the 60s shaker "Peach Blossom", the drums again almost drown out anything else going on in the chorus.  One has to start to think if one song will be nothing but huge, gargantuan drums battling for space against E's latest musings on life.

Wonderful, Glorious will be out February 5th on Vagrant.