TRACKING: Fallulah – “Hurricane”

SOUNDS LIKE: Florence & the Machine, Adele, the Black Keys
WHY SHOULD YOU CARE: She’s huge in Denmark, she’ll break here soon, and her music is pure summery fun.

It’s funny which European acts catch on the in the States and which ones don’t. Any betting man would have put a pretty penny on Fallulah having struck it big here by now; the 28 year-old Danish singer/songwriter sold well over a million copies of her debut album, Black Cat Neighborhood in her home country but has failed to find an audience here yet. That will likely change when “Hurricane,” a bonus track from her sophomore release Escapism stars making the rounds. (Or, perhaps the uber-Danish video for her oddly titled “Superfishyality” will be what breaks her out.)

Infinitely more fun than Escapism’s dark leadoff single “Dried-Out Cities,” Fallulah’s cover of the Rayees’ tune has thumping beats and hand claps that keep it fast-paced and fun, and while the chorus is hard to master, once you’ve got it down it’s impossible not to sing along. Roll down the windows, crank the Fallulah.