TRACKING: Feints - "Loaded Dice"

SOUNDS LIKE: All of the classic rock that you haven't yet realized you've been longing for, but delivered exactly how you want it.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Because like Penny Lane says in Almost Famous, "rock and roll can save the world."

New York-to-Boston transplant Amy Douglas - with credits as a vocalist working with Eli Escobar, Cosmo Baker, Treasure Fingers and a plethora of other top DJs and producers - may be known as the brassy-voiced wailer on some of your favorite disco and house tracks that have burned up the world's nightclubs over the past few years. However, her true calling may be as a rock-and-roll superstar leaving her blood, sweat and tears onstage. Feints - aka her rock project with husband David Baron on guitar, SPF 5000 collaborator Rob Phillips on bass and Tim Marten on drums and percussion - may be making arguably the most intriguing popular music in the world at-the-moment. "Loaded Dice" is the first of three singles the band has uploaded to their Soundcloud page, and is every bit the Band meets Elton John. Feints are the kids in college who looked like dropouts and townies but in all reality were not just making the grade - but surpassing it with ease. 

Excited for, but underwhelmed by Fall Out Boy's return? Still wondering why people care about Nickelback? Angry that "modern rock" stations play grunge and nu metal and dabble in EDM? Yeah. "Loaded Dice" is filled with the top-tier musicianship that only impassioned music veterans who know that the classics never die can bring. As well, the songwriting and delivery is filled with a level of pathos that was once rock's pop expectation but is now it's anathema. Listen only once, and I'm certain you'll listen again.