TRACKING: Flock Of Dimes - Curtain

Yesterday in Baltimore, ScapeScape, the area’s largest celebration of local music, kicked off and will be spreading its goodness over the streets of Baltimore for the next 3 days. The festival is, of course, Baltimore-centric , and these days you can’t spell Baltimore without Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner. But Wye Oak’s set won’t be the only chance you’ll get to see Wasner over the weekend.

Besides rumors that she’ll be performing in a “bee thousand” GBV cover band at some point, she’ll also be taking the stage under the moniker Flock Of Dimes. What began last year as an outlet for Wasner’s seemingly endless creativity, the project has continued to grow and mature. There have been several tracks posted on Soundcloud, and Wasner has played a few shows to test out the material, but September 25th will see one of the first proper releases of her new songs as Merge Records puts out a new 7-inch of Flock of Dimes.

“Curtain” is the A-side for this release, and it’s about as far away from Wye Oak’s sound as you could get. Ethereal, eerie and synth driven, the track is new territory for Wasner, but not entirely unfamiliar as her powerful unmistakable manages to keeps it tied to the sounds we’ve grown to love.