TRACKING: Grizzly Bear - Yet Again

SOUNDS LIKE: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, uh..... Grizzly Bear
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The harmonies and craftsmanship of this Brooklyn quartet have never sounded so good!

Never has a Grizzly Bear song deserved the word aggressive to explain it, but the final minute their new single is just that. “Yet Again” crashes to a close with a chaotic, acid jam freakout that is unlike anything we’ve ever heard from the band. Diehard fans have nothing to fear though; singer Ed Droste’s vocals have never sounded this good and Daniel Rossen’s guitar work is as intricate and as melodic as ever.

If this and Shields first offering “Sleeping Ute” are any indication of what we’re all going to hear when the album comes out in September, we might just have the best Grizzly Bear album on our hands yet.