TRACKING: Guided By Voices - "Flunky Minnows"

SOUNDS LIKE: Pretty much sounds like Propeller-era GBV
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Who else can crank out this many albums and EP's at the age of 50+?

GBV has been a tour-de-force since their “classic lineup” reunion in 2010 for Matador’s 21st anniversary show, cranking out three  albums ((Lets Go Eat The Factory, Class Clown Spots A UFO, and The Bears For Lunch) in as many years. Now Robert Pollard and crew are set to release English Little League,  their fourth record in this uber-prolific run, and if lead single “Flunky Minnows” is any indication seem to be sticking to the formula of lo-fi alterna-rock circa 1993-1996 that seems to have served them very, very well.

“Flunky” sees Bob Pollard exercising his distinct vocal drawls (with Tobin Sprout backing with ooo’s and aaah’s) while Greg Demos chugs along on bass, setting the pace for the two-minute track - which, btw is longer than more than half of the songs on GBV’s classic Alien Lanes. “Flunky Minnows” shows how well the ‘93-96’ lineup can still turn out great songs even in a completely different music era than the one they used to dominate.