TRACKING: Guided By Voices - "She Lives In An Airport"

SOUNDS LIKE: Guided By Voices! The Mighty G-B-V! Circa ... 1996.
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The Kings Of Lo-Fi continue their reign over all of us on their latest single

Robert Pollard doesn't know when to slow down. He's released two solo albums this year, he's probably recording his third right now (or at least writing enough songs for his solo albums to come out in 2013).  Alongside this, he continues riding the reunion train with the classic line-up of the almighty Guided By Voices, as they prep their THIRD ALBUM OF 2012!! Some bands struggle to make one album every three years, yet Pollard has a way of continuing to churn out quality* songs for every month of they year.

If you've seen them live this year, you've heard "The Hangover Child" from the upcoming The Bears For Lunch.  But what you didn't hear is "She Lives In An Airport", a near three minute pop song, replete with the classic guitar chugs of Tobin Sprout & Mitch Mitchell. And of course, any GBV song would not be complete without good ol' Uncle Bob's stabs at sounding British with the way he enunciates his words.  While longtime fans may have initially found themselves leary of any new album from GBV in 2012, the quality of songs on the schizo Let's Go Eat The Factory and the near flawless Class Clown Spots A UFO, have handily silenced their skepticism, leaving even the most resistant fan hungry to see what's on the menu for Lunch in a few weeks.