TRACKING: Helldorado - "Bones In The Closet"

SOUNDS LIKE: Chris Isaak’s sleazy Mexican cousin, who’s actually Norwegian
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: You’re going to want to do baaaaaaad things while listening to this, which is a good thing (unless you’re at work, or picking the new Pope).

Straight off the arid desert plains of Mexico icy barren fjords of Norway comes Helldorado, and if the band’s name alone isn’t enough to make you press the little thinger below to hear the first single off their new album, then you should rip the filter off that Lucky Strike and try again.  “Bones in the Closet,” from the upcoming LP of the same name, combines all the better elements of 60s surf, Mexicali, and country noir, slapped up with a strong dose of whiskey, sinnin’, and a bunch of other fantastically dark ideas stuffed in the back crevices of your brain.

During the opening chords, it’s not a stretch to envision Quentin Tarantino in a poncho surrounded by tumbleweeds, but instead of Johnny Cash’s voice the next thing you hear is Scandinavia’s answer to Nick Cave.  They’ve got trumpets, big hollow-bodied guitars and slides, and everything you need to get slinky and boozy.  We’re not sure how Scandinavians keep swiping our music and then spitting it back at us in perfected form, but if it sounds this good we’re not complaining.