TRACKING: Hey Marseilles - "Bright Star Burning"

SOUNDS LIKE: Death Cab for Cutie with violas and cello for added texture …

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE:  A positive, un-alloyed song of devotion infused with wistful optimism will sway even the hard-hearted with its charm

With its six or seven members, and even more instruments, Hey Marseilles is often categorized as folk, (or a self-described “folkestra”) and on other songs from their second album, Lines We Trace, the folk inspiration is at the forefront. But this band hails from Seattle, and the influence of some of that city's more famous artists is readily evident on “Bright Star Burning.” Sure, the song’s theme of pleading with a loved one not to go could fit cozily into the Death Cab For Cutie’s catalog, but Hey Marseilles also utilizes a quiet interlude that evokes similar moments on We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes-era Death Cab songs, to plead with a lover not to go, all the while promising to follow if she does leave.  The overall quiet of the interlude – just drums and viola - emphasize the conviction of this main message of the song. How could it fail to persuade?

Hey Marseilles began with two friends, Matt Bishop and Nick Ward, who started playing together in 2006 after attending the University of Washington. Their first album, To Travels and Trunks, was released independently, but Seattle’s Onto Entertainment label (also home to the Lumineers) released their second, Lines We Trace, in March 2013. While the first album highlighted fleshed out songs from the earlier days as a duo, the second was a more collaborative effort from start to finish, an effort the band hopes to bring alive fully on stage as they tour. Catch them at the Newport Folk Festival, July 26-28, 2013.