TRACKING: Husky - "History's Door"

SOUNDS LIKE: Jenn Wasner sits in with SilverSun Pickups
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Two great sounds that sound great together

The band Husky is just completing its first US headlining tour and headed back to Australia, but they are leaving us with the upbeat and infectious “History’s Door,” a song whose momentum will leave you trying to decide if it’s better suited for listening to while driving with the windows down, wearing earphones as you stroll the city, taking a rain ride across the wide open country. It’s the kind of pop song that gets stuck in your head after two listens, urging you to keep playing it till you find the perfect scene, but it’s not all lightness and momentum. On top of the irresistible push forward is an equally urgent message to shed the past, to move on from a love affair that, though difficult to leave, is even harder to stay in.

Husky is made up of cousins Husky Gawenda, vocals and guitar, and Gideon Preiss, keyboard, plus bassist Evan Tweedie and drummer Luke Collins. The band had the good fortune to win a contest for Australia’s best unsigned band on the strength of “History’s Door” and caused a stir by getting signed to Subpop right away. This may have been Husky’s first US headline tour, but it seems unlikely that it will be their last.

Forever So is out now on Subpop.