Illitry - "Perverted Kingdom"

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Track: "Perverted Kingdom"

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SOUNDS LIKE: Folk meets Electronica-rock via Kid A
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: With only two listed songs under their belt, Illitry shows promise in a post Kid A world.

Few bands can say they have a fully shaped sound starting out, especially with less than an EP releases. The Hamilton, Ontario duo Illitry, from the two songs they have released, show promise of a duo finding a unique medium between the crooning, pained vocals of folk blending with the nervous tick of warped, bloated drum beats.

“Perverted Kingdom”, the duo’s second released track, sounds surprisingly fleshed out, as if the song belonged on artists’ (often) more polished sophomore records. Like The Antlers, Illitry seems to take the jittery tone of darkwave electronic music and provide ghostly croons in order to shape the unsettling landscape.

The original art for “Perverted Kingdom” suits the track’s tone. Distorted buildings clash against the almost supernatural like lights in the sky just as the warped clanging of the drum clashes against the bell-like tones on the synths.

Kingdom Perverted (Single) by Illitry

Illitry are currently working on a full-length release for early 2014.