TRACKING: Jaabs - "Here You Are"

SOUNDS LIKE: The Oranges Band, latter day Superchunk, Yacht Rock
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This self proclaimed smooth rock project is on to something up in Charm City

In the last years of Baltimore's The Oranges Band, lead singer Roman Kuebler started to accumulate a bunch of songs that didn't quite fit the unabashed indie guitar pop of his full time gig.  These new songs bended genres and shapes, and he began to test them out in front of his friends before giving them away online under the moniker Romania.  As time went on, and the desire to flesh out these fresh, smooth, eclectic jams grew, Kuebler assembled a new band to make these songs a reality.  With the band in place, Jaabs, featuring members of other Baltimore staples from the likes of Impossible Hair, Plurals and Avec, are ready to make a splash outside their tightly knit scene.

The first song to come out from the band, "Here You Are", isn't too far from the Orange tree.  A group of guys and gals exclaim the song's title over a jangly surf rhythm and a hard hitting cowbell.  Kuebler keeps directing to go where you go, be where you be, as the rest of the Jaabs respond to his calls to action in a simple, snappy two minute pop song.

Jaabs are currently previewing songs from their upcoming album, Odd Jaabs, at a weekly residency on Thursdays through October 4th at Baltimore's Metro Gallery.  Dubbed the Jaabs Happy Hour, the band is challenging the normal late night show going by offering an alternative of playing earlier in the evening (for free, by the way) so all you guys won't be so sleepy at work the next morning.  More info can be found here.