TRACKING: Jackson and His Computer Band - "Vista"

Sounds Like: Pure eighties electro-sheen turned reverb drenched glitch-pop for people who like an extra dose of art and intelligent aspirations in their dance music.

Why You Should Care: If you prefer to spend your summers being introspective while dying in air conditioned caves instead of being outside soaking in the sun and being around the annoyance that is other people, this is for you. Much more captivating than run of the mill synth-pop because of its sophistication and the arrangements are intelligent enough to place it one step above the rest.

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to figure out the line between EDM (electronic dance music) and pop. The beautiful thing about “Vista”, the new single from Jackson Fourgeaud’s latest project, Jackson and His Computer Band, is that the line is so seamless the question becomes moot.

The game has changed a lot since the Fourgeaud’s last full length Smash in 2005. Reverb soaked‘80s synthesizers aren’t for closeted know-it all electronic geniuses anymore. Across the board, pop outfits are flooding the market with the sound by appropriating the most palatable parts of electronic and packaging in into a more digestible form. Too obsessed with perfection and tinkering to be part of  the nu-disco factory that Johnny Jewel has created with his record label Italians Do It Better, and a touch too weird to be a part of the ‘80s glitch pop that Ford and Lopatin perfected on their marvelous LP Channel Pressure, Fourgeaud’s chopped and screwed mentality that he brings to “Vista” threaten to revitalize a scene that is becoming bogged down with middle of the road indie-pop bands.

“Vista” glitches and jumps around too much to sink into the background or provide anything close to a club banger, but its subtle nuances that hide behind clanging bass ridden synths reveal themselves over time and Jackson shines for the listener who wants something more behind the 4/4 drum beat and delayed moog melodies that are becoming the annoying hallmark of the genre. The song feels like a trip inside Fourgeaud’s brain, and from the nature of his music it’s easy to deduce he’d prefer we consider that intellect to be entirely non-human and made up of a robot crunching ones and zeroes, crashing and having to reboot every so often.

Jackson and His Computer Band's Glow will be released on 9/1 on Warp Records