Jackson Fishauf - "Mystery Books"

The back corner of your garage if your garage were a damn fine studio. Pavement, Camper Van Beethoven, Matthew Sweet, hints of The Replacements, a drunk(er) Uncle Tupelo.

There’s more to “garage rock” than fuzz…it’s all about immediacy. And Fishauf wields that knowledge like a triple edged katana, slicing through the BS until only the meat remains.

Punk has always been a mutable art form. Sometimes you get your country in your punk. Sometimes you get your pop stuck up in there.  And sometimes you even get your punk stuck in your punk (see OFF!).

When it works best for the masses, though, is when that raw energy is fused with solid songwriting, and damned if Jackson Fishauf and friends from the band Cousin aren’t making a strong play for that lofty goal on their latest, Legitimate. Clocking in at twenty-one minutes of raw, twanged up, playing for your life howl that is as much Hootenany as it is Still Feel Gone, Legitimate LP plays like a challenge, daring the listener to get in, rock hard, and get out as quickly as possible….and it works. Veering from angular post rock to country sludge, the record works best on tracks like ”Mystery Books”  where most of the inclinations for dissonance are reigned in in favor of concise, pop noise (1:50 long) that satisfies guitar nerds and indie rock fans alike.