TRACKING: Jens Lekman - "Become Someone Else's"

SOUNDS LIKE: Belle & Sebastian, Johnathan Richman, Kings Of Convenience
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Your favorite Swedish crooner can sing a sad tale in the desert as proven by this new clip!

"I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is," Forrest Gump said once to the love of his life Jenny.  Apparently Jens Lekman learned a thing or two as he suffered the biggest heartbreak of his life, becoming the impetus for his new album, cleverly titled I Know What Love Isn't.

On the latest single, Jens does what he does best as he transform a real life experience into song.  "Become Someone Else's" tells a tale of never wanting to let go, never becoming the soul mate of another person.  Lekman's outlook on a love life is so unique: sure, other bands write sad lyrics to go with a happier melody, but Jens always has a good sense of humor about things, always quick to make himself the butt of a joke.  But on "Else's" he's a bit more sincere, more honest than ever before.

Here's the new video for "Become Someone Else's", featuring Jens wearing a nice hat and taking a stroll through the desert, the loneliest place a man could be.