TRACKING: Ladyhawk - "You Read My Mind"

SOUNDS LIKE: Band Of Horses, Kings Of Leon, Constantines
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The world needs to stop sleeping on this Canadian foursome

Ladyhawk  are a band that are horribly underrated.  Their music, southern fried by way of the Great White North at times, is catchy and screams to be heard.  They sound like they record their songs in a hot, sweaty shack. When their album Shots was released in 2008 on the same label and same day as some guy (Bon Iver) who recorded an album in his cabin, it seems people preferred the latter’s introspective melancholy over the former’s barn burning.

Thankfully they never went away.  It’s been four years, and with a new label (Triple Crown) at their disposal, Ladyhawk are primed to be heard by the masses once again.  From the start of lead single “You Read My Mind”, you’re in the thick of things.  Crunchy guitars blend well with the smooth and refreshing sound of Duffy Driediger’s voice.  Melodic chords give way to a beer soaked chorus, and before you know the song is over at the two-minute mark.  This just gives away to having the song on repeat, playing air guitar and drinking your cold one all at once.