TRACKING: Laura Sheeran – “Forever Love”

SOUNDS LIKE: The Knife, Bjork, Sinead O’Connor
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE:  It was one of the best songs to come out of Ireland last year

It’s St. Patrick’s Day week, and as such we’ll be tracking some of the best music out of Ireland that you might have missed.

Though only 26 years old, Laura Sheeran has already made quite a name for herself on the Emerald Isle; she fronts several acts, including the “alien synth pop” band Nanu Nanu. She’s also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, playing instruments as diverse as the bowed saw, accordion, and ukulele.

“Forever Love,” the first single from her 2012 album What the World Knows, is short on instruments and big on atmosphere. A subtle, eerie dirge that’s strongly reminiscent of The Knife with peaks that call to mind early Sinead O’Connor, this is not a song you’re likely to hear at the Irish pub this Sunday, nor should you listen to it alone in the dark.