TRACKING: Liars - "Point Your Pistols To The Sigh"

SOUNDS LIKE: Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Brian Eno, Wink
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The truth is these Liars are no joke in their latest electronic exploration

Although it didn’t really take off the way skeptics thought it may at the beginning of the millennium, electronic music is still rather fluent in the indie world.  After making two albums of more straightforward, guitar driven songs, Liars decided to cleanse their palette.  The result was this summer’s WIXIW, an album full of songs with Kid A mannerisms that were a fresh breath of air to the ears of music fans everywhere.  

Off the heels of WIXIW, Liars contributed a brand new song to the annual Adult Swim Singles Program.  “Pistols” is a song full of hyperactive elements: an intense loop holds the listener entranced as the other pieces of this puzzle fade in one by one.  By the time it’s all together on the table, it’s the stabs of a dog’s bark penetrating its way through.  Angus Andrew’s vocals, still as murky and buried as ever, droll on but it’s all about the music.  The beats, all club fueled and trip ladened, is some of the finest this band has yet to produce giving hope that Liars will stay on this electronic course for the years to come.