TRACKING: Line & Circle - "Roman Ruins"

SOUNDS LIKE: Reckoning-era R.E.M.
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Infectious familiar sound that will have you humming along

Line and circle wear their love of rem on their sleeve but still manage to bring their own imprint to "Roman Ruins," their latest single. 

Lead singer Brian J. Cohen integrates  his own story telling to this distinctive sound, even as the Peter buck guitar rings out and the Michael stipe mike mills harmonies echo. The classic R.E.M. sound is refreshed and re-energized. 

The LA-based band,  formed by Cohen and Brian Egan, and fleshed out by Eric  Neujahr (guitar) and Nathan Gammill (bass), and drummer Nick Cisikch, was scheduled to appear at sxsw but had to cancel. Check out this single on White Iris records while we await their appearance on the tour circuit soon.