TRACKING: Lisa Bozikovic, “Midnight Ice”

SOUNDS LIKE: Carly Simon, Beth Orton, Alela Diane

You may be starting to think we’re becoming CBC3 around here with all the praise we’ve been heaping on Canadian artists recently. Guilty as charged, but only because our neighbors to the north are creating some of the best indie music out there.

Witness “Midnight Ice,” from Toronto singer/songwriter Lisa Bozikovic’s sophomore album This is How We Swim. A hooky piano riff dances with shimmering violins, and Bozikovic’s quiet vocals twirl around a song that could have been written by Burt Bacharach and fit in perfectly on 70s AM radio. It’s a sound that bands like Cousteau have tried to emulate, but none have done it as well as Bozikovic does it here.

Naturally, you don’t call the song “Midnight Ice” if it’s got a happy ending, and Bozikovic perfectly captures how most breakups come down to the minutiae of removing the person from your life; in this case, changing the sheets and taking a shower.

Lisa Bozikovic - "Midnight Ice"