TRACKING: Lola King & The Kickstarts

Sounds Like: Thao and the Get Down Stay down and Lily Allen had a party and got all their band parts all mixed up
Why You Should Care: There’s no beards in this band, just fun

More often than not these days, the term “indie pop” has more to do with answering the question of how many clowns keyboards you can fit into a telephone box song than giving the listener what it THOUGHT it was getting: FUN!

Enter Leicester,England's Lola and the Kickstarts.

 “Bounce Together” finds the quartet deftly balancing snark and muscle to sugary sweet ends. Popping in all the right places, with an added blast of fuzz, this teaser track from the band’s upcoming album is guaranteed to get even the most earnest of indie-popsters to crack a smile.