TRACKING: Lucius - "Hey, Doreen"

SOUNDS LIKE:Carefully crafted indie pop that comes with Jeff Tweedy's seal of approval. 

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE:If ever there was a "band to watch," it's Lucius.

No, Lucius’ Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig are not fraternal twins. It’s understandable if the matching retro outfits, makeup, and hairstyles were misleading, though. Instead, attending Berklee brought the duo together, allowing them to collaborate and ultimately move to New York together to pursue music. There they recorded a stunning EP that introduced listeners to the girls’ powerful harmonies and know-how for penning catchy indie pop tunes. Since releasing the Lucius EP in 2012, Wolfe and Laessig, along with equally as matchy band members Dan Molad (drums), Peter Lalish (guitar), and Andrew Burri (guitar), have been touring nonstop, earning accolades from the likes of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, and taking a break only to record their debut full-length, the forthcoming Wildewoman.

“Hey, Doreen” is the lead single off Wildewoman and showcases Lucius at their sleekest. Gone is the endearing imperfect production heard on the EP; in its place is fine-tuned mastering that marks the band’s ever-skyward trajectory (and presumably larger budget). While “Hey, Doreen” matches the cohesiveness of the band’s live performances, Wolfe and Laessig’s usually chill-inducing vocals do not shine to their full potentials as heard on Lucius or in the concert setting. Intricate dancey rhythms instead take the spotlight and signal just how integral and contributive Molad, Lalish, and Burri have become to Lucius’ sound. All in all, “Hey, Doreen” serves as a testament to Lucius’ irrefutable talent, charming attention to aesthetic, and inevitable stealing of even more hearts with the release of Wildewoman.

Wildewoman comes out October 15 on Mom + Pop Music and is available for pre-order. Catch Lucius two days after the album release on October 17 when they return to Rock & Roll Hotel