TRACKING: Mac Demarco - "My Kind Of Woman"

SOUNDS LIKE: Ariel Pink, Kurt Vile, Elvis (both of ‘em)
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This lazy, hazy love song is just what the doctor ordered.

“My Kind Of Woman”, the first single from Canadian songsmith Mac DeMarco’s upcoming LP 2 is the logical step in total Mac Attack domination that this world needs. If you’ve ever heard “Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans” of off this year’s Rock and Roll Nightclub, then you’ve probably had it on repeat for months just like the rest of us.  

This time around DeMarco’s production is cleaner, less manipulated, so you finally get to hear Mac sing the way we should always hear him. His songs are simple, and his sense of humor is still intact, but “Woman” displays a sincerity that some of his previous outings may have been lacking. As the song sways back and forth while he simply begs for some quality time for a girl he’s pining over, his jazz guitar influence remaining prominent and unique. If this track is any indication of what’s in store on LP 2, then DeMarco may have a hit on his hands, or at the very least something we simply can’t stop listening to.