TRACKING: Medicine - "Long As The Sun"

SOUNDS LIKE: Slowdive, A Noisier Version of Ride, MBV
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: With the original lineup setup, Medicine are ready to take their place again as LA’s answer to UK shoegaze

Shoegaze is an interesting concept to begin with. Blanketed vocals embedded into a distorted wall of sound that at the very least makes for a unique combination and at its best shoegaze tears its listener’s attention in two between soft, silky vocals and the triumphant roar blazing from the guitar and bass section. This formula has brought a number of bands, from My Bloody Valentine to Slowdive, to the forefront of late 80’s/early 90’s inspiration. One band that emerged out of that scene was Medicine from L.A. After an 18 year gap between their last album (featuring all three original members), Medicine is back with a new track and a new album on the way.

“Long As The Sun”, the first single off To The Happy Few, show how well the trio of Brad Laner, Beth Thompson, and Jim Goodall recapture the energy and focus that they displayed on This Buried Life. The track, like many shoegaze tracks, starts out with a wall of noise but finds its footing in the rhythm by Goodall on drums. Thompson’s vocals layered over Laner’s kick in and wrap the whole song together in an ambient spiral. The track goes through several phases of LOUDquietLOUD while still keeping the blanketed vocals theme throughout.

Medicine has been criticized for being too ambitious while never fully gelling together but, with this new track, the trio seems to be working just as well as they did in the 90’s - maybe even better.