TRACKING: METZ - "Wet Blanket"

SOUNDS LIKE: Japandroids, The Men, Male Bonding, Nation Of Ulysses
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This trio plays heavy, grungy music that hasn't been this good since the 90s

This band is not to be messed around with.  They are ferocious, they are aggressive, they are demonic, they are fierce.  They are Toronto's METZ.

As a phrase, wet blanket makes you think of those kids who always put a damper on those high school parties you threw when you're parents were out of town.  As a song, "Wet Blanket" soaks you in the loudest of tones.  Huge guitars, drums that haven't threatened to be so loud and frightening since Bonham.  This song is meant to be heard as loud as your speakers will go, and once the meters are in the red you are to find a way to get this song to go beyond that. Held together by a sludgy bassline and drums that sound like shotgun blasts in the distance, "Blanket" goes off to a territory that brings to memory some other Sub Pop band from the early 90s.  They're an angrier version of The Men, a pissed off Japandroids, they are METZ and they will destroy you.