TRACKING: Midnight Spin - "Neuronin"

SOUNDS LIKE: The Dig, Placebo, CHAPPO, other fresh rawk that makes you wanna move!
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: They’re local(ish), they shred, they play D.C. often, and they even tastefully sign breasts (It’s true, FB showed me).  

Once-Silver-Springers now-Brooklyn-based quasi-local boys Midnight Spin have been playing together since 7th grade, and you can practically hear that bond in their just-released first single, “Neuroin.” Their upcoming full-length debut, Don't Let Me Sleep, is slated for January 2013 release with a supporting tour to follow. And based on the sound of this catchy number, waiting for it through the New Year is going to test our patience... but the good news is, it’s almost guaranteed to be worth it!

Oh, and bonus points: “Neuroin” comes complete with a shiny video chock full of fruit golf, colorful toothbrushery and crazy packing-peanut toiletfish that you can watch below or download for free at