TRACKING: Minor Alps - "Far From the Roses"

SOUNDS LIKE: A perfect pop nugget. 

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Curiosity about the Juliana Hatfield/Matthew Caws collaboration will bring you in, but the song will hold you on its own merits. 

On “Far From the Roses,” the second single from Minor Alps’ debut album, Get There, the harmonies of Matthew Caws and Juliana Hatfield blend so completely that their individual identities are masked and an entirely new entity is created. Both Caws, in his band Nada Surf, and Hatfield, in her solo work and earlier with Blake Babies, have carved out distinctive sounds and musical identities before deciding to collaborate. Earlier, they made guest appearances on each other’s works and, pleased with the results, decided to do an entire album together. “Far From the Roses” illustrates the finest of this type of collaboration – the best of both artists are present, but together, they create something that is much greater than a simple sum of its parts. The song itself is lush, uplifting and addictive – each listen reveals new details in the music, from the sound of fingers on guitars to the sense of sweeping motion that echoes the lyrics.

Get There will be available from Barsuk Records on October 29. Hear “Far from the Roses” here: