Misun- "Coffee" (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit)

SOUNDS LIKE: It's the best of both worlds. Breezy 2000s rap club banger meets airy indie pop voiced by a mystical fairy.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: If long since grown tired of bearded men in tiny hats playing banjos or unwashed hipsters waxing not-so-poetically about their morose existences, Washington, DC's Misun is the band for you.

Nacey's the guitarist-turned-DJ/producer now returning to his roots, William Devon's the disco DJ making time as an uber-cool band-man, and Misun Wojcik may have one of the freshest, darkest and intriguing voices in music at-the-moment. The band's 2012 output wowed indie critics and landed them a CMJ showcase performance. 2013 has seen Nacey's vaunted Nouveau Riche party come to an end, but if this track - from the band's recently releasedSummer Bootlegscollection - showcases anything, it's that the good times have only just begun. When Nacey combines talents with NYC remixer supreme Cousin Cole, the excellence is not just in the concept (salty and sweet ALWAYS works) but in the execution. The Lox's "Ride or Die B***h" blended with Wojcik's heavy, magical vocal makes sense. Half hip-hop/hipster dream girl fantasy meets uniquely inviting rooftop jam, welcome to the soundtrack of every idyllic moment of your 2013 summer.