TRACKING: Moses Luster and the Hollywood Lights – “Stands Alone”S

SOUNDS LIKE: Bruce Campbell. No, really.
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Because it sounds like Bruce Fucking Campbell rocking out.

Yes, there already is an Evil Dead musical. And the fact that it doesn’t have Moses Luster and the Hollywood Lights’ “Stands Alone” in it is a crime. You can envision this as clear as day as Luster (that may not be his real name) growls in his confident Elvis/Johnny Cash voice. “This man has come to set things straight…” BOOM, kills a Deadite. “This man is about to change his fate…” BOOM, kills a Deadite. The script writes itself.

Unfortunately the closest we might come to seeing Bruce Campbell sing is his role as Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep. But should The Chin ever deign to cut us an album, I’ve got to believe it will sound like “Stands Alone.” Released late last year, the single is perfectly representative of the Vegas nightmare that is Moses Luster. He wears his Vegas roots on his sleeve with his songs of sin and scandal, and in this case, rampant confidence and swagger.

“Stands Alone” is available on SoundCloud, but we recommend hitting up the band’s Bandcamp page, slipping them a couple of bucks (it’s name your own price), and downloading the whole album.