TRACKING: Neighbors - "New Century"

SOUNDS LIKE: Passion Pit, Washed Out,
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This scary clip is for a scary good song

Earlier this year when Noah Stitelman's band Neighbors dropped their new single "Diamonds", it shimmered just like the its namesake jewel.  It envoked addictive loops not far from his Brooklyn neighbor Passion Pit while his deeper voice recalled Ernest Greene of Washed Out.  This week and just in time for Halloween, they scared up a clip for new single "New Century".

If "Diamonds" got the kids at the Homecoming dance out to shake it with all their classmates, "Century" is the one that slows things down a bit, the one where the boys and girls find each other a moment they'll write about on their LiveJournal's later that night after a trip to the diner or maybe even Makeout Pointe.  Stitelman's voice is smooth, velvety, and inviting.  The song, at its most intimate where he's just crooning over a piano backed by a neverending rumble of the drums, has a rather anthemic chorus even though his voice doesn't leave its natural register once.

Oh yes, the "scary" clip mentioned above finds the band playing a party dressed up like their favorite characters from the classic scary films of the Universal back lot.  Good Luck, Kid, comes out November 6th via Paper Brigade, and judging from this song this band doesn't need much luck at all.