TRACKING: Nico Vega – “Beast”

SOUNDS LIKE: The opposite of what a Neko Case/Suzanne Vega collaboration would sound like; a female Ronnie James Dio
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Even though this song has been around for four years, it keeps popping up because it’s kicks some pretty serious ass.

Yeah, you’ve heard this song before. Maybe in The Collector, maybe in Jack Reacher (please say you didn’t see Jack Reacher) and in numerous promos for Bioshock Infinite. It’s been around since 2009, though it finally made an appearance on Nico Vega’s 2013 EP Fury Oh Fury. And it's a safe bet that every time you heard it you thought, man, that songs kicks ass, because that’s the only thing you can say about a song like this.

Though they’ve been around since 2005, Nico Vega hasn’t put out a lot of music; just one studio album (with another on the way this year) and several EPs. Though they toured extensively in 2009 and 2010, opening for bands like Bush, Metric, and even Blondie, they never quite found their audience, perhaps because they’re a different breed of rock from the bands they were paired with. The band took a short break in 2011 when lead singer Aja Volkman met and married Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds; Volkman and Reynolds formed a side project, Egyptian, and had a baby. All this while “Beast” kept finding its way into television shows and trailers.

From its AC/DC sounding intro to Volkman’s lung-busting caterwauling to its oddly Kid Rock-esque workin’ man lyrics, the song is straight out of late-70s glam, and that’s a hell of a compliment. We dare you to resist yelling “C’mon people!” as Volkman does.