TRACKING: Noname Gypsy - “Cherrypie Blues”

SOUNDS LIKE: An elegy written on an urban heartbreak

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE:After suffering through a year of young rappers from Chicago, Illinois' bittersweet celebrations of their city's current murderous ways, a new cadre of emcees - this one in particular a raw, emotional female - are introspective, while still unapologetically young. 21-year old Noname Gypsy makes your mind remember of Lauryn Hill and your heart hearken back to your misspent youth. 

Very little is officially known as-of-yet about rising Chicago female rapper Noname Gypsy. For those outside of the Windy City, her star-twinkling turn was on "Lost," from top indie rapper of-the-moment Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap mixtape. Her bars on the tale of the teen-aged lovelorn center around moments of bliss described as "[blessing herself] inside [his] arms one day, and love's mythical ability to cure (and cause) depression and mental illness.

Released on the artist's Soundcloud two weeks ago, "Cherrypie Blues" is the perfect adjoining song to "Lost," as the previously described idyllic relationship from Chance's mixtape has been torn asunder. Flexing her already formidable lyrical muscle, the poetess deals with her breakup in succinct, yet arguably mind-blowing manner. From dropping wisdom about the love she had and the love she's lost like, "Let it be a bygone how you python / Mama said never dance wit snakes wit the lights on," When the staccato R & B breakbeat symphony ends with "Everything I ever was I lost in the cigarette smoke tonight / I know this feeling won't last forever but / God damn it still hurt / It still hurt like / I got the cherrypie blues tonight / I got the cherrypie blues tonight," you're not only left applauding the phenomenal feats of wordplay you have borne witness to, but pouring out a little liquor on your soul in remembrance of heartbreaks of the past, present and future.