TRACKING: Nude Beach - Some Kinda Love

SOUNDS LIKE: The Jam, Real Estate, Elvis Costello, Superdrag
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This Brooklyn band is making power pop jams you wouldn’t expect from that borough.

If Real Estate were a power pop band, or Peter Buck were in the Jam, you’d have any of a number of songs from Nude Beach’s sophomore album, II.  The jingle jangle of guitars throw to the left against the power chords that throw to the right of catchy should be hit, “Some Kinda Love”.  This trio, who live in Brooklyn, go against the grain of what your typical Williamsburg bands sound like these days.  They’re nostalgic, sure, but rather than every other band in their neighborhood indebted to the 80's, they deliver 3 minute pop songs that Paul Weller could have easily written its 1978.  “Love” is simple: simple 4/4 beat, simple guitar parts, and a simple enough melody that will be stuck in your head for days.