TRACKING: Paint Branch - "Brighton Beach"

SOUNDS LIKE: 80's power pop, a lost track from the 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' Soundtrack
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE:  Ominous and compelling musical atmosphere

“Brighton Beach” opens the debut album, “I Wanna Live” from former Q and Not U band mates John Davis and Chris Richards, coming together from a five year break as Paint Branch.

With a murky mix of guitar and vocals, “Brighton Beach” creates an overcast winter’s day with a foreboding sense of reaching for something that gets more distant with every grasping attempt to bring it back. Over the course of the song, a couple tries to find common ground in old familiar places but finds that the places can’t help them recapture what has passed.

By the time the song is over, the question is no longer, “Is anybody out there but you and me?” but “Is anybody out there?”  The soaring “wooo”s at the end feel like a final hymn as the relationship is laid to rest.

Despite its gloom, what makes this song compelling and beautiful are the vocal harmonies between Davis and Richards, conveying no bitterness, only loss and regret, and the jangling guitar that speaks when the singers are silent.