TRACKING: Parquet Courts - "Borrowed Time"

SOUNDS LIKE: Television meets The Oranges Band 
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This is one band to definitely keep your eyes and ears on in 2013

As 2012 began to wind down and people were posting all their year end lists left and right, everybody in the blogosphere started talking about Parquet Courts.  A genuine "internet buzz" was about them, a buzz that one isn't really able to acquire in this day of instant and immediate consumption.  Their album, Light Up Gold, came out back in the summer but apparently got looked over.  But now that it's a new year, did we all skip out on a truly solid album from some no name band from Brooklyn by way of Texas?

While Light Up Gold is a rather solid debut full of nods to 1970s post punk and 2000s indie rock, "Borrowed Time" stands out as a song that is rather timeless.  The two-and-a-half minutes that make up the song are driven by anthemic guitars, a classic 4/4 beat, and not several false endings that make you think this great jam of a song is already over, though thankfully it is not.  The nostalgia is everywhere, from the lyrics to the guitar tones, and is definitely an album everyone should spend some time with it in 2013 since we all missed out on it in 2012.

Light Up Gold is out now on What's Your Rupture?