TRACKING: Paul Banks - "Young Again"

SOUNDS LIKE: Interpol's lead singer doesn't stray too far with his new solo material
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Banks played his new single on The Late Show with David Letterman amidst Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy, aka The Storm Of The Century, approached the East Coast Monday night, not everyone was affected by it.  Before the subway stations were infiltrated with water, and cranes were knocked down by insanely high wind gusts, David Letterman proclaimed that his show must go on, sans audience. As awkward as the show might have been last night (Letterman & Shaffer jib jab to one another enough each night, but a whole hour of it?), it wasn't due to Interpol's Paul Banks. In his trademark monotone voice, Banks performed a haunting rendition of his new single, "Young Again." – a song that in all honesty it could be a song left off Interpol's self-titled effort – returning a bit of normalcy to an otherwise understandably awkward evening.