TRACKING: P!nk featuring Lily Allen - "True Love"

SOUNDS LIKE: What happens when arguably the two female artists that have best excelled at articulating the edge of the pop zeitgeist in the past decade collaborate.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: P!nk's latest single from The Truth About Love - her sixth studio album - does a stellar job of proving that the best pop music comes when artists have absolutely nothing left to prove.

It's been 12 years since P!nk's "Get The Party Started" truly kicked off her career as a pop-star supreme. One of the key elements to that song - and arguably the prodigious success of her career was the songwriting of ex-4 Non Blondes lead singer Linda Perry. Throughout her career, P!nk's been blessed with Perry's guidance in articulating her persona and attitude while at the same time singing songs that have crossed the artist over into every significant demographic in popular music worldwide. 

Thus, it's intriguing that the artist's 2012-released album The Truth About Love would feature "True Love," a songwriting collaboration with yet another 2000s era pop star (of possibly just-as-significant impact, but less renown) Lily Rose Cooper. The semi-retired former Lily Allen's 2006 album Alright, Still is one of the seminal works of the pre-hipster era, Allen's brilliantly written songs sounding like the best snotty, yet lovelorn LiveJournal posts you ever read.

After years of working with Perry on material that felt like the more matured versions of what Allen accomplished years prior, the now less contentiously married P!nk (her marriage to BMX biker Carey Hart is the stuff of heartbroken legend) and the happily married Cooper's collaboration sounds happy and comfortable, delivered with an expected biting twist. If a longtime follower of the artists (or just someone who has lost touch with both artists since that era), it provides a happy moment bringing everything to a close that is more happy sunset than tedious "remember when."