Rogue Wave - "Sirens Song"

SOUNDS LIKE: A little bit of 80s pop, with a layer of 50s vocals that blend with a Muse-like interlude

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE:  A complex but hook-filled breakup song about that nonetheless leaves a hopefulness about the tough decision to end things

On its surface, “Siren’s Song” is a catchy pop song with a lighthearted-sounding chorus, but like the Siren it’s named for, once it draws you in, it changes tune into something different – a quiet plea, then a howl against fate.  But instead of shipwrecking you at the shore, “Siren’s Song” releases you from its depths in a joyful cacophony melting all of the previous elements together in hopeful resolution to move forward.

Rogue Wave is based on the West Coast, with two consistent members, singer Zach Schwartz (aka Zach Rogue) and drummer Pat Spurgeon and a rotating band. “Siren’s Song” comes from the band’s fifth studio album Nightingale Floors, released June 4 on Vagrant Records.

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