TRACKING: Sarah Jarosz - "Come Around"

SOUNDS LIKE:  Allison Kraus’ musical younger cousin breaking out on her own

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Sarah could make Banjo in pop music the next big thing

Twenty-two year old Sarah Jarosz is about to release her third album. If that makes you feel like you’ve not done enough in your own life, forget that her first album, Song Up in Her Head, was made while she was a senior in high school, her second, Follow Me Down, in her sophomore year of college, and just put on one of these records. Once you’ve heard her voice, you’ll begrudge her nothing, and hope that she even picks up the pace just a bit.  

“Come Around” is a great place to start.  A hybrid pop/bluegrass song, it introduces you immediately to the warmth of her voice, and blends mandolin with banjo and a bit of fiddle, too. Her strumming gives the song a distinctive momentum, and she uses her voice to create a sense of yearning on one verse, or express her frustration on another. Her roots are in bluegrass with folk influences, and she’s performed with bluegrass icons David Grisman and Ricky Skaggs, and her covers show the depth of her influences, including the Decemberists, Bob Dylan and the Beatles. “Come Around” combines her influences in one thoroughly enjoyable moment.