Tracking: Shark Week - "If You Want Me To Stay (For A While)

Sounds Like: James Brown crooning over a 60’s garage rock revival group
Why You Should Care: Shark Week is gaining notoriety as they are set to play this year’s Sweetlife Festival

 Here is a band that suits their name well. Guitar noodling, 60’s surf vibes contrasting a 90’s fuzzy bass line, and a soulful croon from singer Ryan Mitchell all seem to make up the band Shark Week. The DC native band has been steadily gaining some attention since their formation in 2011. “If You Want Me To Stay (For A While)” sounds like the unapologetic, almost sarcastic memoirs of a road-worn loner and Mitchell plays this part well.

Garage rock is doing this band a disservice by pigeonholing them into one set genre. With that being said, Shark Week’s EP show promise of a band who can adapt themselves to multiple sounds due to the energy they put out. Shark Week is gaining buzz and this is thanks to the soulful force they put behind each track.