SOUNDS LIKE: Passion Pit or MGMT
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: They’re kind of a big deal in Austin and will surely be garnering national respect soon

After winning the Austin Music Award for Best New Band in 2010 and the AMA for Best Indie Group in 2011, SPEAK dropped their debut album I Believe in Everything. The 11-song set is full of catchy pop beats transporting listeners to synth-pop heaven. What works particularly well for SPEAK is the voice of front man Troupe Gammage. He has the twang of indie rock in his vocals and the band made a good choice of not giving it an over synthesized quality.

Now, almost two years later, the quartet has finally produced new music releasing the single “Peaks” earlier this year.  As with their previous releases, “Peaks” contains whispers of pop past, specifically, a call from the 80s. Which makes sense as Gammage has been quoted saying his inspiration for songs comes from the music of classic video games. Gamer of not, “Peaks” is worth a listen for anyone who even remotely enjoys synth-pop.