TRACKING: Teen - Electric

SOUNDS LIKE: Here We Go Magic, Spaceman 3
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Ambient indie rocker with a dab of 60s girl group fun thrown in for flavor.

When TEEN’s Teeny Lieberson left Here We Go Magic to focus fulltime on this project with her sisters and friends that make up this Brooklyn group, who knew she’d make such a good pop song on her own.

With influences from her old band clearly obvious, she teamed up with the legendary Sonic Boom to craft a batch of songs that combine psychedelic swirls both owing to present indie rock and past 60s girl groups.  After a chanty and chatty front half, the song all of a sudden morphs into a pop song driven by a catchy guitar melody being attacked by stabs of the keys she used so well during those few years she spent with her Magic friends.  If this song isn’t enough, their debut album In Limbo is currently streaming now ahead of its release on August 28th.