TRACKING: The Cast of Cheers – “Trucks at Night”

SOUNDS LIKE: Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party, Foals
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Because as good as Two Door Cinema Club is, there are other great Irish indie rock bands out there

Discussions of modern Irish indie rock tend to begin and end with Northern Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club (no, The Frames are not indie). While that band is deserving of the praise it receives, it seems to leave little room for other great Irish indie bands to build a following stateside (we seem to only allow one non-U2 Irish band to get popular here at a time). One band breaking through the clutter is Dublin’s wonderfully named The Cast of Cheers. While at times they certainly sound like TDCC (and have opened for them on numerous occasions) there’s more going on here as they infuse lyrical inventiveness (or gibberish, depending on how you look at it) with a sound that ranges from straight on hard rock to early Talking Heads-style pop.

“Trucks at Night,” the most recent single from their stellar 2012 album Family, is, appropriately, a quick driving pop gem, a punchy fun song on an album that’s full of them. It’s music that seems to be written to be played live in front of large crowds, but will also make you tap your feet if it comes on the jukebox at your local Irish pub.