TRACKING: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Bag Of Bones

SOUNDS LIKE: Heavy Trash, Boss Hog, The Black Keys
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: After an eight year absence, the Blues Explosion is back with a huge bang!

's been eight years since The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion released Damage, and know one was sure they were coming back.  Lucky for us that will finally change with the release of their new album, Meat + Bone, this September.  And from the sounds of recent single “Bag Of Bones”, it appears that the Blues is back and has never felt so good.  In this harmonica ladened, rip roaring tilt to yesterday, Spencer proclaims you should keep your head out of the past, yet that isn’t what they do.  Instead, Spencer, Russell Simins and Judah Bauer do what they do best: make a gritty, grimey song that nods back to their early years.  Combine that with a few punches of gitches and gizmos tweaking throughout the song that harken back to their late-90s ACME days and Spencer’s Jagger-swagger and strut and you have the blueprint for another gem from these legendary soul men.  The blues is still #1 indeed.