TRACKING: The Knife - "Full Of Fire"

Sounds Like: Aggressive droning mixed with Portishead influence.
Why You Should Care: Long awaited follow-up albums are usually pretty big news (See MBV).

The Knife are finally back with a new album called Shaking The Habitual and have teased the electronic world with the first single: “Full of Fire”. The track is everything you’d expect from the Knife: schizo synthesizers, vocoder-laced vocals underlining Karin Andersson’s moans, and a steady, almost marching band-esque drum beat that sums up this bad acid trip of song, in a good way.

The video pairing with the new single fits the mood of the track: stressful, disruptive, and sporadic. The video, clocking in at almost ten minutes, focuses on the display of women in several roles including reverse gender roles.

Let it be known that, with this track, The Knife seem in no way interested in re-creating the disarming hooks they perfected on 2006’s Silent Shout. Instead, they seem to be taking the path the Crystal Castles took on their album II: screechy vocals matched with blood-pumping, glitchy beats.