TRACKING: The Menzingers - "Good Things"

SOUNDS LIKE: Similar but slightly more refined than the punk rock you listened to in the early 2000s
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Because you like jumping on your bed and playing air guitar

Have you ever had a summer or period of time in your life that you long to return to years later?  At the time, it probably didn’t seem like anything special.  You worked your shitty job, saw the same people every day, did mundane things that didn’t seem very exciting at the time.  And, then, one day you realize it’s over—gone before you recognized what it was—and how badly you want to return to it.  But alas, you cannot.  Lives have moved on, and people have changed. 

Scranton, Pennsylvania punk rock band The Menzingers’s 2012 album On the Impossible Past embodies that feeling of sweet sadness.  The lead-off track “Good Things” elicits a nostalgia the likes of which has not been felt since the Foo Fighters “Everlong.”  The subsequent songs include, in a style reminiscent of The Hold Steady albums, a recurring cast of characters.  They spend their time getting drunk, working in a restaurant, and driving around in an American muscle car until their tragic denouement. 

If you’re looking to relive the glory of your youth and find a new band to which you can crowd surf and fist pump, look no further.